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Episode 56: That darn dating profile

Or how to make sure you find who you're looking for

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Suzanne Noble
Zoe Kors
Everything you need to know to have a thriving, nourishing sex life as you age—whatever that means for you. Suzanne Noble and sexologist Zoe Kors are sixty, sexy, and honest. They discuss their own experiences and—as women in their sixties—bring years of sex and intimacy to reflect on in a witty, open and enthusiastic way. The series is dedicated to helping older people find their way to a healthy and enjoyable sex life. Whether you are just starting out with a new partner or continuing with an old one, there's sure to be something new here for you.
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Dating profiles. They’re a minefield of bad photos (typically, but not always, of men), half-truths and outright lies. But today’s episode is only partly about that because we’ve covered dating in the past, and we know that for many people, it’s a massive time suck that leads to nothing but disappointment.

It doesn’t have to be, however, if you start off as you mean to go on. In this episode, we talk about what it means to date with intent, think about what you want in a relationship, and consciously swipe past those who don’t fit your criteria, no matter how hot they may be.

We discuss the challenge of setting clear boundaries when there’s a mismatch. And also about how lying may be OK in the context of age as long as you are open and honest early on about the actual number.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences in the dating world.

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