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Episode 95: Overcoming Erectile Dysfunction

Episode 95: Overcoming Erectile Dysfunction

An honest and vulnerable conversation with ED coach Ken Schafer

The stats for the percentage of men with erectile dysfunction are pretty staggering:

Approximately 41.5% of men in the UK reported experiencing ED, according to a 2018 study conducted by Viatris, Queen's University Belfast, and Pfizer. And it only increases with age:

- Around 29.3% for men aged 18-39

- About 45.6% of men aged 40 and over

According to research by the British Association of Urological Surgeons, 50-55% of British men between 40 and 70 years old have some degree of ED.

Ken Schafer can count himself as one of those men who also struggled with ED, and, like many men, he went straight for Viagra to cure his problem. After some time, that failed to work, so he started to look for other solutions. His journey led him to write a book, ‘A Practical Guide to Managing Erectile Dysfunction’ and to help now men like himself struggling with ED. In particular, he signposts his clients to specific practitioners who can support them in becoming more fit and healthy and, as a result, remove the requirement for pharmaceuticals and other medical interventions.

I found Ken’s honesty and willingness to be vulnerable about this particular challenge with ED very refreshing. And if you have a title for his job, please share it with me!


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