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Episode 88: Overcoming Infidelity

Episode 88: Overcoming Infidelity

In conversation with Thomas Gagliano - Life Mentor, Author, Speaker

This week's podcast discusses how relationships can recover after one person has had an affair. It also explores how one's upbringing can contribute to the ability to have a healthy, loving relationship.

Thomas Gagliano speaks with authority as a person who has battled his own demons and, as an addict in recovery, discusses how family dynamics can lead to a less-than-ideal foundation for building a strong relationship.

Gagliano focuses on helping individuals and families navigate difficult situations and relationships through empathy, understanding, and personal growth in his professional practice.

Working with men in groups, couples, and individuals, he guides his clients to understand how to have uncomfortable conversations, unlearn behaviors that no longer serve them well, and repair relationships that may have come apart.

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Thomas Gagliano is the author of The Problem Was Me”

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Sex Advice for Seniors
Sex Advice for Seniors Podcast
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