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Episode 83: Sex and Dating when a Widower

Episode 83: Sex and Dating when a Widower

Relationship coach Christine Baumgartner talks about dating after the loss of a partner

Christine Baumgartner was an experienced dating and relationship coach when her husband died six years ago. Little did she realize back then that her own experience navigating grief, confusion, and reconnection would ultimately lead her to coach other widowers.

In this episode, we discuss the unique experience of dating after loss, especially around body confidence and sexual dysfunction. Christine offers great tips on overcoming feelings of not feeling as fit and frisky as earlier in life, and how she works with both men and women to help them stop chasing unsuitable partners and find "the perfect catch."

The good news is that many of Christine's clients have discovered there are safe and proactive ways to re-enter the dating world that truly work.

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