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Episode 82: Finding a 'Quality Man'

Episode 82: Finding a 'Quality Man'

I interview Lisa Copeland, a dating coach, who works with women 50/60/70+

In this week's episode, I delve into the topic of finding love as a woman aged 50 and above. Joining me as a guest is Lisa Copeland, a dating coach and the founder of Find a Quality Man, based in Cleveland, Ohio. Lisa brings her firsthand experience of seeking love later in life, having been married for over 20 years.

Having spent more than 20 years navigating the world of dating, I understand that at this stage in life, we may seek a different kind of relationship than our younger years. However, it's common to fall into the trap of holding onto the old Cinderella concept, believing in instant attraction and the idea that someone out there will sweep us off our feet.

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During my conversation with Lisa, I thoroughly enjoyed exchanging dating stories and gaining insights on avoiding online dating scams. We also discussed strategies for navigating the crucial first date and the essential questions to ask during that initial meeting.

Ultimately, it boils down to knowing what you truly desire. If you're uncertain about your own wants and needs, it's unlikely that you'll find a high-quality partner. So, to all the single individuals out there, I wish you fruitful searching, and I hope you find value in this episode!






Sex Advice for Seniors
Sex Advice for Seniors Podcast
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