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Episode 77: Sex and Social Media

Episode 77: Sex and Social Media

The week Suzanne gets trolled

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Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later, and it happened this week. I found myself being targeted by a group of (I assume) Far Right, conservative men who took offence to my suggestion that excessive consumption of pornography could have negative effects on one's sex life.

As one would expect, this rather unremarkable and self-evident observation triggered a barrage of abusive comments. Fortunately, those comments have been deleted, and the individuals responsible have been blocked. This all unfolded on Facebook because TikTok has a more effective system for removing hate speech compared to Meta.

Despite claiming that I didn't care and wasn't paying attention, I couldn't help but notice as the notifications kept pouring in, one after another, each one mentioning my supposed lack of attractiveness, my delivery style being off-putting, or whatever else these trolls deemed worthy of commenting on.

This week has been significant in various ways, mostly positive. A writer from the Mail newspaper featured me as a "granfluencer," even though I don't have grandchildren. Additionally, the Sun newspaper wrote today about my passion for experiencing orgasms, with or without a partner.

Furthermore, we have secured a sponsor who will assist in covering the costs of running this podcast, and we will be collaborating with them on TikTok. The sponsor is OhmiBod, and together we aim to "Shift the Evolution of Pleasure." I'll be trying out some of their products, including the Lovelife Rev, which boasts an innovative design that is particularly suitable for women with arthritis. Go and check them out.

All of these topics and more are discussed in this week's episode. Listen in and if you fancy subscribing for £4.99/month or £49.99/year to support our work and because you believe that what we do to help older people have a healthier sex life is worth the price of a cup of coffee, do consider becoming a paid subscriber. Every penny counts.


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