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Episode 73: What does a sexologist do?

Episode 73: What does a sexologist do?

Zoe explains her job and what it involves

If you’ve ever wondered what a sexologist actually does, you’re about to find out as co-host Zoe Kors explains her work as a sex and intimacy coach.

While she explains that sometimes issues, such as a mismatched libido, may be relatively easy to solve (in some cases), in most cases, having better sex can mean overcoming shame, trauma or abuse. Better sex is usually about more than technique, but in becoming liberated from whatever hangups, compulsions or fears may be preventing you from being fully present with yourself or another.

It’s work that is varied and complex, not easy to categorise as it traverses psychotherapy and sexual therapy.

If you’re struggling to have a healthy sex life or want a better sex life, she currently has a few slots open for new clients.

Listen and learn. :)

If you are seeking couples coaching or want to an individual session with Zoë Kors, you can find her at:

Buy her book Radical Intimacy from Amazon here.

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Sex Advice for Seniors
Sex Advice for Seniors Podcast
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