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Episode 66: Misaligned Sex Drives in Later Life
Episode 66: Misaligned Sex Drives in Later Life
What to do when the woman in a heteronormative relationship wants more sex?

This week’s episode was prompted by a phone-in question on an Irish radio station in which Suzanne recently appeared. The question was from a woman who had a higher sex drive than her (male) partner and was struggling to have her needs met in the relationship.

We often hear from older men who report that their partner, who is typically menopausal or post-menopause, no longer has the same desire for sex in the relationship they had during their younger days. However, what happens when the tables are turned?

We know that reigniting sex in a long-term relationship can be hard, especially if you have found talking about sex difficult. Additionally, the changes that take place in the body, can create a sense of shame. Whether it’s erections that are not always reliable, saggy skin or simply that you have grown up to believe that old people shouldn’t have sex, there are numerous reasons why having sex in later life can be challenging.

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Sex Advice for Seniors

Sex Advice for Seniors Podcast

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