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Episode 64: UTIs and Possible Causes
Episode 64: UTIs and Possible Causes
Touching my cervix with your tongue isn't necessary

This week has been all about Suzanne’s night sweats, frequent need to pee and feeling generally miserable. Hello urinary tract infection. Ladies of a certain age and men too might want to consider some of the contributing causes, and it’s not all about wiping in the wrong direction. Someone else’s saliva may also make its way into the urethra which is even more likely if the person in question, considers that inserting his tongue as far up one’s vagina as possible is supremely horny.

Horny for who, Zoe and Suzanne ask. Maybe in some ideal porn world where women seem to writhe in pleasure upon a man’s tongue going anywhere near their pussy, but we like our oral sex a bit more clit and less cervix focussed. Just saying.

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