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Episode 57: Lube, Sex Toys & Choice

Episode 57: Lube, Sex Toys & Choice

We speak to Sam Evans from sex toy shop Jo Divine about making educated decisions

When it comes to sex toys, lube and stuff designed to enhance sexual pleasure, there’s no shortage of products from which to choose. But how can you ensure that what you’re using isn’t causing more harm than good?

Samantha Evans co-founded the sex toy shop Jo Divine, and many of her customers are older. As a former nurse, she is used to discussing intimate issues, and she’s on a mission to remove the taboo around older people and sex by being open and honest about her own challenges.

During this frank conversation, Sam shared her expertise around choosing sex toys and lube, what to avoid and why choosing the right products can mean the difference between having good sex or ending up with a bad case of thrush or worse.

We talk about some of the difficulties her customers have faced when discussing sex with medical professionals, how the NHS is not well equipped in this area, with many doctors and nurses shying away from the topic or simply providing lousy advice.

If you want to check out Jo Divine, Sam has given Sex Advice for Seniors listeners a limited-time discount of 10%.

Use code is SAS10 (£5 minimum spend on full-priced products excluding P&P) ENDS 06/10/23. Click here to go to the site.

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Sex Advice for Seniors
Sex Advice for Seniors Podcast
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