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Episode 53: The monkey off your back

Episode 53: The monkey off your back

When the menopause comes along and knocks back your libido

Every woman’s experience of the menopause is different but, for many, it’s the impact on one’s libido that can come as a real shock. Along with hot flashes, fuzzy brain, Zoe and Suzanne discuss how the menopause affected them and how they have dealt with it.

HRT or Bio-Identical hormones can certainly help, but not all women want to or are able to take them.

If you’re single or in a new relationship, then you can start as you mean to go on with a new partner. But what happens in a long-term relationship when your sex life dries up?

We don’t have all the answers and we’re keen to hear from you as to how the menopause has changed the way you think about sex and sexual relationships.

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Sex Advice for Seniors
Sex Advice for Seniors Podcast
Everything you need to know to have a thriving, nourishing sex life as you age—whatever that means for you. Suzanne Noble and sexologist Zoe Kors are sixty, sexy, and honest. They discuss their own experiences and—as women in their sixties—bring years of sex and intimacy to reflect on in a witty, open and enthusiastic way. The series is dedicated to helping older people find their way to a healthy and enjoyable sex life. Whether you are just starting out with a new partner or continuing with an old one, there's sure to be something new here for you.
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