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Episode 42: Dating for Men

Richard Strother talks about dating after bereavement and the man's experience

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Suzanne Noble
Peter Marriott
Sharing our experience of sex post 60. Suzanne Noble and Peter Marriott discuss their own experiences with sex and - as older people themselves - bring years of experience to reflect on it in a witty, open and enthusiastic way. The series is dedicated to helping older people find their way to a healthy and enjoyable sex life. Whether you are just starting out with a new partner or carrying on with an old one, we hope there will be something new here for you.
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Some eight years ago, Richard became a widower and after the trauma of losing his wife he was eventually confronted by the difficulty of dating again. All sorts of considerations came into view, considerations that many people struggle to deal with. Bereavement often leaves the woman to deal with all these issues given the fact that usually it is the man who dies first. Richard’s experience lead him to think again about the ways in which men are almost completely unprepared for a life after a marriage or partnership. Very often they lack a lot of the basic skills for living alone and, when it comes to dating, they often feel all at sea.

Of course, bereavement is not the only reason that men may be looking around again for a new partner, and the dating game is a confusing one in which they are confronted with some of the complexities of gender differences. Richard talks quite clearly hear about some of those differences, in particular, the broad focus on emotional issues that women tend to have compared to the somewhat narrower object-oriented approach of the male.

In order to help men with these issues, he set himself up as the Widower’s Wingman, offering practical advice on dating for men who have perhaps got out of the habit of thinking about how to present themselves to the world, and how to interact with women in a way that makes them interesting potential partners. This has now become his full-time job and it is a service that is sorely needed.

Oh, and because we forgot to ask him, we should say that Richard found love again.


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