Dec 13, 2022 • 35M

Episode 25: Sunset Satisfaction Sex Toys

Peter and Suzanne talk about toys

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Suzanne Noble
Peter Marriott
Sharing our experience of sex post 60. Suzanne Noble and Peter Marriott discuss their own experiences with sex and - as older people themselves - bring years of experience to reflect on it in a witty, open and enthusiastic way. The series is dedicated to helping older people find their way to a healthy and enjoyable sex life. Whether you are just starting out with a new partner or carrying on with an old one, we hope there will be something new here for you.
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Well, we are nearly up to 6 months of this podcast and 25 episodes under our belts. This week, it is just Peter and Suzanne talking about the experience with sex toys. There is a slightly pecuniary reason for doing so in that we want to advertise our sex toy website called Sunset Satisfaction where you can buy sex toys as well as books and other material to do with our favourite subject.

In this podcast, we note how the almost ubiquitous mention of sex toys in the media means that some of the mystery and, let's face it, shame surrounding them is diminishing at last. Sex in the City was pretty groundbreaking in bringing this issue to a wider market and out of the seedy backstreets of Soho and now it is acceptable to talk about the various benefits of different sorts of vibrators and anal play toys.

The serious point is that sex toys can be incredibly useful at spicing up your sex life, and we hope that our podcast goes at least some way to making the use more acceptable. As we get older and have sometimes settled into a comfortable place in our sex lives, toys can be a way of reinvigorating things and of opening up questions and desires that had become buried over time. Maybe it is a way to get into discussing your sex life with your partner, and, as we have said before, you may be surprised to find a willing reception where you thought all hope was lost.

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