Sep 27, 2022 • 34M

Episode 15: Love and Sex. Spot the difference

Interview with the therapist James Earl about ways to approach problems in your love life

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Sharing our experience of sex post 60. Suzanne Noble and Peter Marriott discuss their own experiences with sex and - as older people themselves - bring years of experience to reflect on it in a witty, open and enthusiastic way. The series is dedicated to helping older people find their way to a healthy and enjoyable sex life. Whether you are just starting out with a new partner or carrying on with an old one, we hope there will be something new here for you.
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A perennial subject within the whole area of the relationship between love and sex is working out whether they are one and the same thing or completely separate categories. It could be argued, indeed often is, that love itself is merely a delusion engendered by the human brain to make procreation and child-rearing bearable. In this interview with James Earl, we discuss whether there is any merit in trying to separate love from sex.

As soon as one writes about the "power of love", one is catapulted straight into the realm of romantic fiction and music, largely composed for those who find themselves in the middle of the entanglement. As we grow older and our relationships mature, the initial coincidence of love and sex we felt also matures. Sometimes this might mature into fine wine, but evidence shows that the relationship is often corked for many. The question then is what you do about it. As we have said so often in this series, it is essential to communicate what is undermining or destroying your relationship.

There are ways to keep your relationship alive, but they all rely on honesty, communication and openness. You must be honest about your desires, communicate them to your partner and be open to any consequences that arise, however difficult they may be.

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