Sex Advice for Seniors Resources

Sex Advice for Seniors on TikTok. Our very popular channel where we delve into topics not covered by the podcast.

Modern Loving Vol. I - Sex education video for adults featuring real couples co-produced by Suzanne.

Over 18: A Documentary About Pornography

The Porn Trap - The Essential Guide to Overcoming Problems caused by Pornography by Wendy Maltz

Better than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk about Sex after Sixty by Joan Price

Naked at our Age: Talking out Loud about Senior Sex by Joan Price

Mating in Captivity: How to keep desire and passion alive in long-term relationships by Esther Perel

Healthy Sex - an educational website dedicated to promoting love-based, healthy sexuality.

Make Love Not Porn - Cindy Gallop’s real sex website. The world’s first user-generated, human-curated social sex platform.

Rethinking infidelity - TED talk in which relationship therapist Esther Perel examines why people cheat and unpacks why affairs are so traumatic.