Sounds great. I like being at an age where I'm able (like you, it sounds) to recognise the relationship for what it is (amazing kisses) and dismiss the aspects you suspect wouldn't work over the long term. It takes a certain level of maturity and well done for asking (and getting) what you want. :)

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I have an on and off again, sex only relationship with a man I've known for a number of years (he cuts my hair so there's that...) There's always been very low level flirting between us and I finally invited him to hook up and "let's see what happens." The first time we got together, we started kissing and after a while we stopped and looked at each other, astounded at how extraordinary kissing each other was!! It's remarkable how well suited we are in the way we kiss. He kisses me the way I want time be kissed, which is the way I kiss. Soft and initially kind of breathy, just exploring each other's lips and mouths without any smashing face or sloppy tongue action. It's a slow dance of the joy of kissing someone who actually knows how to kiss. It's seduction. We can just kiss each other for a long time, although it inevitably leads to the "whatever" that follows. It eventually gets hungrier and more passionate but it's still tender and gentle. It's a deep, physical connection

between us that offers comfort and energy like nothing else and the resulting sex is so easy and good. I don't think we particularly like each other outside of that few hours we spend together every now and then but we REALLY like kissing each other. He says I have a wicked tongue 😊 and I say he's the best f*cking kisser ever. It's extraordinary. He's not my "type" physically at first look but beyond that, holy shit, I've kissed alot of frogs in my life (yuck, like sloppy, mushy tongues and wide open mouths) but I could (and have) spent hours kissing this man just for the sheer pleasure of the mouth to mouth contact and tongue dancing.

It had been several months since we were together and I needed and wanted some physical contact, especially some kissing, so I texted him and said I wanted to make out just for the sake of making out because he's so good at it. I didn't know if he would agree but almost immediately he responded with "I've missed your lips too." The relationship is problematic for him because he wants the emotional ties that go along with such an intimate awareness. That simply wouldn't work for us and I know it. Theres a significant age and lifestyle difference between us (I'm 16 years older than he is...!!) He gets frustrated by what he perceives as a contradiction in having extraordinary sex with someone without the emotional "baggage" he's used to experiencing and so he disappears periodically to sort himself out. But then we reconnect (meanwhile he still cuts my hair every 6 weeks) for a moment or two in the bedroom at some point and it's just as good, better actually, than before and our kissing is like an out of body experience for both of us. Each time we come back together the sex is better and more satisfying and he's more interested in the bdsm elements I want him to explore (I'm a submissive). But when we kiss, it's the same experience we shared the very first time. I can't explain it, neither can he. I'm just really happy it's there and that every now and then I get to make out with a man who knows how to kiss and if that's all we did together, it would be enough.

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